Scott & Haley Burns – SOLD in 7 DAYS with Multiple Offers!!!

“My husband and I just moved into our dream home! I want to thank Kevin for making that happen because, honestly, I have to say at one point I had so many doubts. We originally began this process with Kevin referring us to an agent in our area (Houston) and things went from confusing, to stressful, to bad, to worse so quickly. My husband was ready to throw in the towel and stay where we were. I was devastated until Kevin so kindly offered to represent our interests all the way from 300 miles away!

From that point forward, every hiccup and issue along the way was handled before we even knew it existed. I won’t lie and say that moving on a budget with a baby is easy, but I will say that Kevin went above and beyond what I have ever seen or heard of a realtor doing to ease our stress. He guided us in the right direction for OUR NEEDS the whole way through and also put us in contact with all the right people, from financing to inspections to a photographer thus presenting our home in the best light to potential buyers. I’m not sure I’ll ever know how he was able to accomplish all of that from his office in Dallas, as we live in the Houston area, but I do know that if we ever move again I will have to put him through the ringer once again because he truly did an amazing job… not that it was any small feat. Kevin, I can’t thank you enough for your patience, perseverance and perceptiveness when it came to our wants and needs. Your job cannot be easy, but you sure make it look that way. Thanks again for everything!

Your client for life weather you like it or not!”

— Haley Burns